Cosmetic Tattooing

Eye Brows ( 2 visits)

Hand Tool or Digital  Feather Touch Hairstroke $550
Digital Machine/ Eyebrows Powder Brow $650
Combo of Ombre Shadow Brow and Hairstroke $950
Colour correction POA
Partial fill in… from $350

Eye Brow Colour Refresh

Hairstroke   (1 visit)

Powder Brow (1 visit)

Ombre and Hair Stroke combination (2 Visits)





Eye Liner (2 visits)

Top Natural Lash Enhancement $650
Top Designer Eyeliner. Thinner Line            From $750
Smudgy/Smokey Eyeliner                               From $650
Top Designer Eyeliner. Thicker Line            From $950
Lower Designer Eyeliner                                 From $450

Eye Liner Colour Refresh

(1 Visit)

Lash Enhancer Top $450
Designer Eye Liner Top $550
Smudgy Eye Liner Top $450
Designer Eye Liner 2 Colours $650
Eyeliner Bottom $250

Cosmetic Tattooing / Semi Permanent Makeup

  • A 20% non-refundable booking fee applies to all tattoo procedures
  • eye-brow-pencil2

    Prices are subject to change without notification

  • Brief consultation prior to procedure is preferred.
  • Micro implanted pigment can last from 6mths to 2yrs depending upon clients preferences , home care maintenance and skin types. Recommended colour Refresh every 12 to 18 months. Discounted price applies per visit only. See prices. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • All Tattooing treatments are performed using a Topical Anaesthetic to ensure client comfort. Dental Blocks are available upon request. Please enquire.

Who are Semi Permanent Cosmetic Clients? Those who:

  • Over plucked or waxed their brows
  • Wear contact lenses or glasses
  • Feel washed out without makeup
  • Are active in sports
  • Have eyes that tear frequently or oily skin
  • Are not artistic or skilled in applying makeup
  • Have problems seeing objects at close range
  • Are time poor or couldn’t be bothered applying makeup
  • Professionals who require high presentation 24/7
  • Shaky hands or a disability that limits ability to apply makeup
  • Have allergies to ordinary cosmetics
  • Would like or need. Beauty spots, eye lash enhancement, eyeliner enhancement
  • Need correction or rebalance to lips, brows or eyes.
  • Need tattoo correction
  • Suffer from Alopecia

Colour Refresh Terms and conditions

  • Prices is per single visit
  • Adjustments are extra cost
  • Correction is extra cost
  • Redesign is extra cost

Terms and conditions

  • Prices will be confirmed upon booking.
  • A 20% non refundable booking deposit is required.
  • Proof of ID is required for disability pension holders
  • Client must be over 18yrs old.
  • Colour refresh and Beauty Spot services do not include an adjustment  2nd visit . They are a single visit charge only. All other initial tattoo procedure services include one perfection adjustment visit not exceeding an 8 week period following the initial visit.
  • All extra visits that exceed the stated perfection visits are an extra charge starting from $150 minimum charge not exceeding 3 months from original 1st  service