Brow Extensions and Brow Wigs


Brow Wigs, also referred to as False Eye Brows. Now available are 100% human hair brow wigs. They  are adhered with a specially formulated skin safe adhesive. Once adhered to the skin false eyebrows last up to 7 days and in total 2-3 months with the correct care. Simply removed after a short period of time and then re-adhered with fresh adhesive. Hygienic and easy to care for.

Brow wigs are available in five different colours.

  • Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown Black

Initially, a one off consultation will be required. (Consultation fee applies) A professional technician will explain the process of application, removal, and after care. We will also demonstrate and teach you with a hands on approach how to apply and remove your false eyebrows. Once you are confident with your newly acquired skills, you simply purchase the products as you need them.

In addition to your new brow wigs, we have more options for you to consider for ease of application and water activities. It is vital that your brow wigs have minimum water contact, as this can compromise the adhesive qualities. Brow wigs give wonderful texture.

When doing swimming activities, googles can be worn. However, here at Lady Ink we also offer Brow Extensions, Henna brow staining and Cosmetic Tattooing in a natural hairstroke or soft shadow brow. The advantages of this specialised service option are:

  • You will always have a perfect placement guide for your textured brow to be placed upon
  • When NOT wearing your Brow Wigs, there will always be a beautiful brow on your face to frame your eyes
  • Cosmetic Tattooing is safe and waterproof
  • It will add depth to your wig brow
  • Brow extensions and Henna Staining are great individually or as a combination for shape and texture
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False Eyebrows Q and  A

  • How are the wigs made?

Each individual 100% human hair has been injected into a very flexible PU backing which is the  closest thing to skin. This medium minimises damage to the hair as opposed to lace backing adhesive which can seep through lace wigs and damage the hair

  • How long will my wigs last?

Once applied to the skin the wigs will last up to 7 days. In total the wigs should last 2 to 3 months (however we have had some clients who have had their wigs last them 8 months) after this time the brow wigs will need to be replaced

  • I have natural brown hair. Do you recommend the wigs for me?

It all depends on how much brow hair you have. If you have too much brow hair the wigs will not work. It would be advisable to see your technician and discuss your options.

  • What colour brow wig should I purchase?

It is always recommended to choose a lighter colour as the brow wig will appear darker once applied to the skin. Brow powder can be applied over the wig to darken and blend with any existing natural brow hair.

  • What if I change the colour of my hairstyle? Will the brow wigs look fake?

Brow wigs never look fake. There are many options to match your hairstyle colours. Follow the golden rule of never going too dark in your brow wig colour choice and you can’t go wrong. Powder brow can be gently applied over your brow wig to compliment any hairstyle colour. Henna staining for under lying tone on the skin is an excellent option.

  • How do I remove any adhesive build up from the back of the wigs?

Adhesive build up on the back of the wigs can be removed by soaking the brows in our Adhesive Remover in a small shallow dish. Soak for 15 mins and be sure to thoroughly pat dry

  • Can I wear my wig in the pool or shower?

Yes you can wear your wigs in the shower, however we do not recommend placing your head under the shower tap or saturating your brows in water as this can cause damage to the wigs. Also keep all shampoos and conditioners away from the brow wigs. They will compromise the adhesive. We do not  recommend placing your head under the water when swimming. Swimming goggles placed above  the wigs may assist in keeping them dry but we cannot guarantee that the goggle itself will keep the wig safe and dry. The goggle must not press on the wigs as this could damage the hair.

  • What if I can see some of the backing once applied to my skin?

This could be that you have not applied enough adhesive to the back of the wigs. Be sure to always apply the adhesive right to the edge of the wigs and press very firmly when applying holding down for approx. 1 minute.

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Wig Brow Price List

Initial Consultation with hands on application  $120.00
False Eye Brow Wigs  $49.95
False Eye Brow Silicon Adhesive  $29.95
Adhesive Remover  $29.95

Wig Brow Colour Range

  • Blonde
  • Light Brown
  • Medium Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Brown/Black

Brow Cosmetics

Brow Powders  $29.95
  • Fair
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark
Brown Pencil (wind up)  $28.00
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Dark
Dual Brow Brush

Dual Highlighter Pencil:

Matt and Shimmer



Henna Staining Service

Henna Staining  $30.00