Cosmetic Tattooing, also referred to as
Micro Pigmentation & Semi Permanent Makeup

Define  | Balance | Accentuate

Increase your confidence by looking good 24/7

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

It is a medically developed procedure of implanting colour pigments into the skin. The effects can be “Dramatically High Fashion,” or “Soft, Natural, Subtle.” The choice is yours.

Benefits of Semi-Permanent Makeup. Enhance your best facial features! Minimise, balance or correct unwanted imperfections.

Makeup for 24/7. Look beautiful all day. It’s waterproof! Time saving for the busy woman. Perfect for skin or eyes that are sensitive or have allergic reactions to commercial makeup.

Who else is suitable for Micro Pigmentation?

Alopecia sufferers

People who are visually impaired or have other handicaps that limit and cause difficulties and frustration in applying Makeup, such as shaky hands. If you wear contact lenses, have thin, over plucked or waxed brows,  do a lot of sporting activities, have oily skin or are not gifted in applying makeup, then you are suitable.

Correction and Enhancements

Cosmetic Tattooing can improve your features and give you confidence. Pigment is implanted to enhance, enlarge or reduce the shape of your eyes, lips and brows. Uneven Lips can be balanced with a coloured lip line or lip blend to add symmetry and definition.  A Full lip procedure adds colour and fullness to thin uneven lips. Or maybe you just want to have a lipstick colour there 24/7 that you can just gloss over. There are many colours and shades to choose from.

Brows that have gaps or are too short can be shadow filled and lengthened

You have the option of using the latest hairstroke technique for a more natural look. Or the solid method will give a more dramatic result. Eyes are referred to as “The Window to the Soul”. With a captivating lash enhancer your eyes will be naturally more alluring 24/7. Designer Eyeliner is in big demand. No need to draw it on daily, just wake up each day and there it is, already to go .Designer eyeliner can be in the form of an eyeliner with a flick or tail. Also there is a choice of a Fuller stronger line, or Colour Stacking of one or more colours. You can then just add the black or darker designer line over the top of the colour in the lash line.

Medically safe pigments are used

Client comfort ensured during the procedure. All Skin Penetration rules are adhered to. Disposable individual pre-sterilised packaging is used and disposed of properly. Topical anaesthetic creams for numbing are used to ensure client comfort.

About Catherine Slansky


Catherine is a qualified Australian trained and Certified Cosmetic Tattooist and has completed all aspects of Facial Tattooing at an advanced level. She is a registered financial member of the “Association of Cosmetic Tattoo” and HAS participated in teaching and educating students for the Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College.

Catherine’s artistic skills consists of symmetry, perfection and technical ability. As a long time practising Fine Arts Artist, excelling in Portrait painting and drawing, her understanding of colour and shape come naturally to her resulting in beautiful Cosmetic Tattooing results. Drawing well is an essential skill necessary for a perfect template to tattoo on.

Credentials and Education

  • Q Switched Laser Safety for Laser Tattoo Removal: Global Beauty
  • Laser Safety for Cosmetic & Light Therapies Certificate: Sydney Beauty Dermal Institute
  • Laser Tattoo Removal  Certificate Qualification: Sydney Beauty Dermal Institute
  • Certificate qualification  in Infectious Disease Control
  • Seminar in : Master Class Cosmetic Tattooing
    Lips, Eyeliner, Brows, Skin Needling, Hair Stimulation Scalp Needling – Tutor: Dr Linda Dixon
  • The Most Current compulsory education in “Infectious Disease Control Certification.”  College of  EZE Training  Australia
  • Seminar in : Advanced Training in Full Lip Tattoo and Lip Blend
    Academy of Image and Corrective Tattoo College – Tutor: Val Glover Hovan  
  • Seminar in : Colour Repair Lip and Brow Technique
    Association of Cosmetic Tattoo – Tutor: Susan Farley, UK Educator for Nouveau 
  • Micro skin Needling
    Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College – Tutor: Donna Moody Martin
  • Master Class of Cosmetic Tattooing-Brow Perfecting & Eyeliner Perfecting
    Association of Cosmetic Tattoo – Tutor Susan Farley, UK Educator for Nouveau
  • Advanced Training in full Lip Colour and Lip Blend.
    Academy of Image & Cosmetic Corrective Tattoo – Tutor: Val Glover Hovan
  • Advanced Refresher Training. Designer Eyeliner. 
    Academy of Image & Cosmetic Corrective Tattoo – Tutor:  Val Glover Hovan
  • Colour Repair, Lip Colour, Brow Technique
    Susan Farley SeminarSydney – Tutor: Susan Farley, UK Educator for Nouveau
  • Teachers Training Seminar
    Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College – Tutor: Donna Moody-Martin
    Including performing and discussing aspects of  Shadow Brow,
    Hairstroke Brow, Brow Correction, Hand Tool for Brows, Eyeliner,
    Lash Enhancer, Lip line, Lip blend, Full Lip, Roller Needling.
  • Advanced Designer Eyeliner and Hair Design Brow Stroke
    Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College – Tutor: Donna Moody-Martin 
    Lip liner, Lip blend and Full Lip.
  • Hair Design Brow Stroke and Shadow. Lash Enhancer
    Australian Cosmetic Tattoo College – Tutor Donna Moody- Martin
  • Design and Perform Cosmetic Tattooing course SIBBSKS504A
    • Mask Academy
    • Lip Line, Lip blend, Full Lip.
    • Brows Shadow and solid.
    • Eyeliner with tail, Lash Enhancer.
  • Over 36 years experience as a practising Hairdresser and makeup Artist .Award Winning stylist, Internationally trained. Practising fine artist excelling in portrait drawing and painting. Small business award winner for “Most Outstanding Hairdresser in the Hawkesbury 2006”